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Brewery Insurance with Prosura

The work of a brewer is not to be underestimated. When you’ve invested so much into your brewery operation, you want to make sure your business is fully protected with the right brewery insurance.

You operate in a multi-faceted, competitive industry, which carries a number of challenges and risks. Brewing is undoubtedly hard work, and you’ve got better things to do than worry about your insurance.

That’s where we come in.

We offer a no-nonsense, friction free service, providing support and guidance when choosing the right insurance for your needs. Which leaves you free to do the real work in your business.

What do you need to consider when buying Brewery Insurance?

Whether you run a bespoke craft brewery or microbrewery business, you’ll benefit from having a specialist insurance policy in place that addresses the specific and often unique hazards that your business faces.

Brewery insurance can be as bespoke as you need it to be. If you offer brewery tours you’ll need public liability insurance, and for shipping goods, you’ll want goods in transit insurance. You will need to consider cover to protect you when your highly sensitive product is spoiled on a large scale.

We work hard to understand the finer details of your business in order to create a tailored brewery insurance program that’ll exceed your expectations.

What is Brewery Insurance?

The recipe for a successful brewery business should extend beyond the ingredients in your brew. You must also ensure your business and its assets are properly protected with the right type of insurance cover.

Brewery insurance needs can vary depending on the scale of your business and the scope of your business offering.

No two businesses are exactly the same, and our cover is tailored to your exact requirements, and can include:

  • Public liability insurance

No business activity comes without its risks. An accident whilst delivering kegs, or a slip at beer festival could result in a member of the public suffering an injury. Similarly, opening up your premises for brewery tours or customer meetings could incur the same exposure.

Public liability insurance serves to protect your business from the cost of legal expenses and compensation should a third-party make a claim for loss or damages as a result of your business activity.

  • Goods in transit insurance/Cargo Insurance

Whether you’re transporting your product to parts of the UK, further afield into EU countries, or beyond, goods in transit insurance will make sure your cargo is protected.

  • Loss of equipment or stock

Should your stock, machinery, or specialist equipment be damaged, lost, or stolen, the right brewery insurance program will help to mitigate your losses.

  • Business interruption

If you’re unable to trade as a result of an event such as fire, theft, or flood at your premises, business interruption insurance will help to cover your loss of profits, or turnover. Ultimately helping you to stay in business.

What else might I need to think about with Brewery Insurance?

The particulars of your brewery will depend on the individual requirements of your business. Our experienced insurance brokers will work with you to understand the cover best suited to your needs.

Some of the brewery and microbrewery insurance extras include:

  • Employers’ liability (a legal requirement if you have staff)
  • Product liability
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Plant Inspections
  • Bursting of bottles and barrels
  • Loss of licence
  • Cover for spent grain
  • Seasonal increase cover of stock
  • Cover for loss or damage to stock at secure third-party locations
  • Keg theft (in the open at your or your customers’ premises)

Why buy Brewery Insurance through Prosura?

Prosura is an independent insurance broker, offering you access to a broad range of insurers to curate a tailored product that’ll meet your exact requirements.

Our high-quality, cost-effective brewery insurance programs are built on years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, delivered to you in a simple, jargon-free way.

We also give all our Brewery Insurance Clients free access to PROSURA Digital Lawyer, saving them hundreds of pounds a year on Legal Fees.

To get your bespoke brewery insurance program up and running, contact the team at Prosura today.

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