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As a classic car enthusiast, you’re likely to have invested heavily in your pride and joy and probably spend money every month to keep your car in pristine condition. It may be that you show the car off at vintage rallies or use it at track days.

No matter whether you have an 80’s classic Lancia rally car or a 1920’s Frazer Nash, we at Prosura understand that you need to have the right classic car insurance in place that reflects your vehicles value, as well as the way it is kept, driven and displayed.

What is classic car insurance?

Like standard car insurance, classic car insurance will allow you to legally drive your car on the road. Just like standard car insurance, its available as Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Fully comprehensive. But there the similarities end. We can provide cover for a range of classic cars. While insurers classifications vary slightly, if you have a car that falls into any of the following categories, we will be able to arrange appropriate cover:

• Veteran Cars (Pre 1910)
• Vintage Cars (1911 – 1950)
• Classic Cars (1951 – 1979)
• Modern Classics (1980 – 2000)

Classic car insurance recognises that your vehicle is likely to be increasing in worth, may need specialist mechanical knowledge, is likely to require specialist parts if a repair is needed, and that the frequency and circumstances under which it is driven are likely to differ from a standard family car.

What can be included on a classic car insurance policy?

Agreed value insurance. Unlike the family saloon, which will typically depreciate in value year on year, your classic car is likely to be worth significantly more than ‘book value’. We work with specialist valuers, ensuring that your car is insured for its full value in the collectors marketplace.

Discounted premiums. Its likely that you don’t actually do anywhere near as many miles a year in your classic car – it’s not like you’re likely to be using it for the daily commute or school run! For this reason, classic car insurance policies are typically less costly than a standard one.

Laid up cover. Many classic and vintage car enthusiasts put their cars into hibernation over the winter. It could be that you’ve bought a restoration project that isn’t going to be road worthy for months, or you may own a car that you never drive on public roads. Whatever the reason, where you need insurance protecting the vehicle from accidental damage, fire and theft, but not for actually being driven, we can arrange cost effective protection.

Breakdown and recovery. Even meticulously maintained classic cars can be temperamental. We can provide full breakdown and recovery insurance across the UK and Europe, so you can drive with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that should something go wrong, you’re protected.

Why choose Prosura for your classic car insurance?

Prosura prides itself on being an independent insurance broker, with access to a broad range of insurers to curate a tailored product that’ll exceed your expectations.

Our high-quality classic car insurance policies are built on years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, delivered to you in a simple, jargon-free way.

Find out what you could save. Get in touch with the team at Prosura today.

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