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Many sports and social clubs are run by a team of volunteer trustees who give up their time and knowledge in support of a vital community hub. Worrying about insurance probably isn’t what motivated them to get involved! But just like the board of a business, trustees have a duty of responsibility to make sure adequate protection is in place.

At Prosura, we have extensive experience helping sports and social clubs get the cover that they need in place. With jargon free advice and access to social club insurance policies from a range of leading providers, we’ll make sure that insurance is one less thing for you to worry about. Don’t just insure it – Prosura it.

What insurance covers does a social club need?

There is a huge difference between insuring a snooker club and a golf club. But there are a range of core covers that are likely to be appropriate and needed, no matter what sort of club you run.

Public Liability for social clubs. Your members and their guests, as well a fans from the opposition team at a sports club, are all going to set foot on your premises. This makes Public Liability, which protects you in the event that they make a claim that they have suffered injury or loss, a real priority.

Employers Liability Insurance. Even if workers are only employed on a voluntary of casual basis, Employers Liability Insurance is required by law in the UK. It works in a similar way to PL, but in the event of a claim made by a member of staff.

Buildings and contents. Insuring your clubhouse building itself means you have protection should it be damaged by a flood, fire or similar incident. If you own the property it’s likely to be one of the clubs single biggest assets and it makes sense to protect it. Contents cover can be included so that furniture, fixture and other fittings such as music or lighting equipment can be repaired or replaced should they be damaged, destroyed or stolen.

Loss of License. Your bar is likely to be a significant source of income for your club. Were you to loose your license, it may represent a significant income reduction.

Business Interruption. This offers protection from costs in the event that you have to close the premises for a period of time (following a flood, for example) but still have fixed overheads to pay without revenues coming in.

Trustee Indemnity. Whatever the size of your sports or social club, trustees can be held personally liable in a range of circumstances. Having trustee indemnity cover in place gives those willing to take responsibility for the club some peace of mind that protection is in place should they be accused of wrongdoing.

What else needs to be considered when choosing social and sports club insurance?

If you have a sports team, we can arrange group personal accident (loss of earnings) for the team members should they be injured in a match and not be able to work for a period as a result.

Many sports and social clubs will have mini buses and other vehicles that can be insured as part of the overall package.

Where you serve food, you may wish to take out cover for frozen food and food liability. Whatever your clubs particular circumstances and needs, Prosura can advise on appropriate insurance so that you can get on with running the place!

Why Choose Prosura to find me the right Sport and Social Club Insurance?

We’re here to let you get on with running your business by providing friction free access to expert advice and high quality insurers. We’re on hand with professional advice as your business evolves and expands.

We also give all our Sports and Social Club Insurance Clients free access to PROSURA Digital Lawyer, saving them hundreds of pounds a year on Legal Fees.

For your insurance cover requirements, contact the specialist brokers at Prosura today.

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