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Holiday Home Insurance with Prosura

If you’re fortunate enough to own a second property, you will need holiday home insurance. Standard home insurance will not provide sufficient cover.

Whether your second property is a holiday home, a buy-to-let investment, or a pied-à-terre, our experienced brokers will be very happy to prepare holiday home insurance quotes to suit your particular circumstances.

What is Second Home Insurance?

A holiday home insurance policy serves to protect a property that is not your main residence from damage and theft.

Your main residence will be the place where the majority of your belongings are kept and where you spend most of your time. It’ll be the address you use for legal, voting, and banking purposes.

A second home can be left unoccupied for long periods and is therefore exposed to greater risk, which can in turn increase the average cost of second home insurance. For example, when left vacant, your property can unfortunately be a target for thieves. And if a pipe were to burst, it could be some time before it’s noticed, creating a more costly repair bill.

Who needs Second Home Insurance?

There could be a number of reasons why you’d need second home insurance coverage:
• If you have a second residence which is used as a holiday home
• If you have purchased a buy-to-let property as a long-term rental
• If you own a pied-à-terre to live closer to your work during the week

A standard home insurance policy is not suitable for a property that is not your main residence. This could leave you in a difficult situation in the event of a claim.

What type of Holiday Home Insurance do I need?

As the owner of a second home you will benefit from holiday home buildings insurance and second home contents insurance.

Holiday home buildings insurance

Holiday home buildings insurance will cover the structure of your property and any permanent fixtures and fittings.

If your home was damaged or destroyed – by fire, flood, or storm, for example – your holiday home house insurance would cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your property.

If you have a mortgage on your second property, your lender will likely insist you have adequate building insurance in place for the duration of your loan.

Holiday home contents insurance

Holiday home contents insurance covers the personal belongings within your property against damage or theft.

This includes items such as furniture, electrical equipment, and jewellery, especially important if you’re letting your holiday home to paying guests.

Combined policy

While you can purchase these two types of cover separately, it’s often more straightforward – and can help to reduce your second home insurance cost – if you opt for a combined policy.

Our brokers will listen to your requirements and recommend the most suitable second home insurance quotes for your needs, chosen from a range of top quality insurance providers.

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