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Prosura Digital Lawyer.

With even basic legal correspondence costing a small fortune. and with most UK Businesses needing it at some point, it’s getting harder to keep costs under control.

This is before we start to consider family law documents such as Wills and Trusts.

However, commercial and private clients insured through Prosura don’t pay for it; they benefit from our Digital Lawyer service, saving them hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds each year on business and family law documents.

From business start-up, employment and intellectual property to powers of attorney, personal finance and probate, the Prosura Digital Lawyer could have you covered. 

Register now and get your business legal health check underway

Access commercial legal advice and tailored legal documents covering everything from Fire Risk Assessments through to Shareholder and Partnership Agreements.

Prosura. Because you have better things to do.

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