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Working in the construction trade means long hours on site, managing your work along side other contractors as well as spending time looking for the next job.

No matter whether a builder or property developer, a civil engineer or a tradesman, time is money. Insurance is the last thing you will want to have to deal with – but you’ll need it to get on site and demonstrate you have the right cover in place. That’s where we come in. No matter whether you’re a sole trader or larger contractor working with teams across multiple sites, we offer a friction free service and access to construction insurance policies from a range of insurers.

What should be included on a construction business insurance policy?

Irrespective of your particular trade, there are a number of core covers that most individuals and companies operating in the construction sector should consider:

Public Liability Insurance – If you work with private homeowners, or main contractors they will almost certainly want evidence that you have Public Liability Insurance in place. It may even be a contractual obligation. You can choose from a range of indemnity limits depending on what might be appropriate for your particular circumstances.

Employers Liability Insurance – It is compulsory in the UK to have a minimum of £5m EL cover in place if you have anyone working under your instruction, including part time or casual labour.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Working from architects drawings and instructions is one thing – but you might need to made modifications or practical considerations when you’re on a job. This makes you the expert on site and you could be held accountable. Professional indemnity insurance protects you in this situation.

Contactors All Risks (CAR) – Sometimes referred to as Contract Works, this covers the work in progress. So, if the structure you are working on is damaged – for example by a flood – the cost for the rework will be covered.

Own and hired in plant and machinery cover – Where you own expensive plant and machinery in your own right, you will want to insure it as a valuable business asset. Where you hire equipment from time to time, it’s usually far more cost effective to have an annual cover in place than it is to take out short term cover each time.

What else can be included on a construction business insurance policy?

There are a number of additional covers that anyone working in the construction sector may wish to consider. Where you have vehicles – for example a works van or truck that you use in the business – you will need to ensure you have appropriate commercial vehicle cover in place.

Why Choose Prosura to buy Construction Insurance?

We’re here to provide you with friction free access to expert advice and high-quality construction insurers. We’re on hand with professional advice as your business evolves and expands.

We also give all our Construction Insurance Clients free access to PROSURA Digital Lawyer, saving them hundreds of pounds a year on Legal Fees.

For your Construction insurance cover requirements, contact the specialist brokers at Prosura today.

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