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Student Landlord Insurance by Prosura

Getting the right student landlord insurance in place can be a headache. But with multiple tenants, typically young people who are perhaps away from home for the first time, there is a heightened risk of property damage.

We’re here to help landlords protect their properties and investments. Whether you own a single student property or a portfolio of properties, we have tailored insurance solutions to meet your unique needs. When it comes to student landlord insurance, don’t just insure it, Prosura it!

What is typically included on a Student Landlord Insurance policy?

If you’re a student landlord, it’s important to protect your property and your income in the event of damage or loss of rent due to insured perils like fire, tennant damage, or flood. With a student landlord insurance policy that includes loss of rent coverage, you can rest assured that you’ll still have a source of income while your property is being repaired. Plus, coverage can be tailored to suit your needs, with indemnity periods of up to three years from the date of the loss. Many policies also offer coverage for alternative accommodation for your tenants during repairs.

If you’re concerned about malicious acts or damage caused by tenants, a standard property insurance typically includes malicious damage coverage for damage caused by members of the public. However, if you need coverage for damage caused by your own tenants, it’s best to contact us for a custom quote that meets your specific needs.

Property owners’ contents liability insurance provides coverage for damage to a third party, such as a tenant, caused by contents in your rental property. This coverage can be included as part of our contents insurance offering and is available at no extra cost, depending on your policy. It’s important to note that this coverage does not extend to wear and tear damage, only accidental damage.

Finally, regardless of who your tenants are, accidents can happen. Accidental damage coverage can help you pay for necessary repairs to your rental property, such as fixing a nail hole in a pipe.However, like any other insurance policy, accidental damage coverage does not cover wear and tear damage.

What does Prosura offer student landlords?

1. Specialist Coverage: We understand the specific risks and challenges that come with renting to student tenants. Our student landlord insurance provides comprehensive coverage for buildings, contents, and liability, ensuring your property and investment are well-protected.
2. Customised Policies: We offer flexible insurance policies that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need coverage for a single property or multiple student houses, we can design a policy that suits your needs and budget.
3. Expert Advice: Our experienced insurance brokers specialize in student landlord insurance. We are here to provide you with expert advice and offer friction free access to the right policies.
4. Protection for Landlords: Our student landlord insurance not only covers the physical property, but also provides liability protection for landlords. This includes coverage for accidental damage caused by tenants, legal expenses, and loss of rental income.
5. Competitive Rates: At Prosura, we strive to provide affordable insurance solutions for student landlords. Despite offering high-quality coverage, our competitive rates ensure that you get the best value for your money.
6. Quick and Easy Claims Process: In the unfortunate event of a claim, we’re on hand to assist with a streamlined claims process to minimize any disruption to your business.
7. Additional Coverage Options: We also offer optional add-ons, including rent guarantee insurance and legal expenses cover to provide you with extra peace of mind.

Protect Your Student Housing Investment with Prosura

As a landlord of student properties, it’s essential to have the right insurance coverage in place. And with Prosura, that’s just what we offer. No nonsense protection for you and your student property.

To get a quote or discuss your student landlord insurance needs, contact our team of experts today.

Why contact Prosura for Student Landlord Insurance?

We are here to help you safeguard your investment and provide the best insurance coverage for your student houses, letting you focus on what you do best – managing your properties and ensuring a safe living environment for your tenants.

Plus, our PROSURA Digital Lawyer gives you free access to a 24/7 Digital Law Service, to create tailored legal documents such as Tenancy Agreements, and Leases, that could save you hundreds of pounds each year.

Ensure the success of your student landlord business with Prosura – your trusted insurance partner for student landlord insurance.

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