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If your business designs, manufactures or merely supplies a physical product that is sold or even given away for free, you could be held responsible for any injuries to people or damage to property caused by a faulty product.

Product Liability insurance will protect you from legal costs in the event that a claim is made against you. Here at Prosura, we offer friction free advice and access to product liability cover from a range of leading providers. We’ll work with you to establish your requirements and get you on cover in no time.

Who needs Product Liability Insurance?

Not unreasonably, many businesses assume that they don’t need cover unless they physically manufactured a product themselves. In fact, you can be held liable for a faulty product even if you’ve repaired, refurbished or altered it. If you ‘ve imported a product from outside of the EU, you can similarly be held liable.

If, for example, you run an alarm installation business, supplying third party manufactured alarms, and that alarm system is found to be faulty, you may have responsibility for it.

What protection exactly does Product Liability provide?

Product Liability insurance protects you from compensation costs where:

  • Personal injuries have been sustained by the faulty product
  • The faulty product has caused loss of or damage to property
  • Your own quality control systems have failed to identify a fault with the product

Where you didn’t manufacture a product, but did supply it, you may be covered if you can demonstrate that;

  • The product was faulty when they were supplied to you
  • You provided safety instructions and warnings about misuse
  • You can demonstrate good quality control and record keeping
  • You have a supply contract with the manufacturer which covers safety, quality control and returns.

Remember, even if you are ultimately cleared of responsibility, without Product Liability in place, you will have to deal with the legal costs associated with your defence.

You may need to consider what protections you need in place for situations where product liability may not provide cover. Faulty products resulting from bad workmanship or businesses or individuals claiming that they have suffered financial loss due to a fault product may not be protected under Product Liability Insurance, for example.

Why buy Product Liability Insurance through Prosura?

We’re here to let you get on with running your business by providing friction free access to expert advice and high quality insurers. We’re on hand with professional advice as your business evolves and / or expands. We can supply you with Product Liability Insurance as a part of a Public Liability cover, or stand alone.

We also give all our Product Liability Insurance Clients free access to PROSURA Digital Lawyer, saving them hundreds of pounds a year on Legal Fees.

For your Product Liability requirements, contact the specialist brokers at Prosura today.

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