Motorcycle Trade Insurance

Motorcycle Trade Insurance

Insurance for Motorcycle Traders by Prosura

When you operate within the motorcycle trade a friction-free insurance service will help you to get geared up for your customers.

At Prosura we support all aspects of your motorcycle dealership insurance. Basically, we protect your valuable assets from motorcycles, parts and accessories to premises, servicing and tools.

What should be included in a Motorbike Dealer Insurance policy?

No motorcycle dealership is the same, especially with such a large variety of motorcycle models, features, styles and ways to sell. This therefore means you have several options for your motorcycle trade insurance. So, we get to know your motorcycle trade business. This helps us to protect all of your important assets – from Road Risks to Liability and Premises.

  • Road Risk Insurance

Driving is at the heart of what you do. Road Risk allows flexible protection for motorcycles under your ‘care and custody’. Effectively, it allows you to drive customers’ motorcycles as well as any you have bought – e.g. at auction – with a view to reselling. Road Risk is the minimum legal requirement for any business involved in trading motorcycles. There are a few additional covers, for your motor bike trade insurance, that may be worth considering.

  • Traders Liability Insurance

There are a range of liability covers that will certainly apply. Employers Liability is legally required in the UK where you have workers – even if part-time or casual.

Where you have members of the public on your premises, Public Liability should be a consideration as part of your motorcycle shop insurance. This is whether they are within your motorcycle dealership or motorcycle repair shop. Protection is needed in case a customer or third party suffers injuries or property damage while interacting with your business.

Product liability is certainly worth considering, especially when fitting replacement motorcycle parts during a repair job or motorcycle servicing.

  • Commercial Garage Cover

Whether you own or lease, you will need to insure your premises. Within your motorcycle dealership or motorcycle repair shop, protect for your tools and equipment. In addition, where you have motorcycle stock e.g. tyres, exhausts and other parts, you will want to insure those, too.

What does motorcycle traders insurance do?

Motorcycle Traders Insurance is designed to offer your business financial protection when an insured event occurs. That is why it is really important to work with a broker like Prosura.

We will take the time to understand your motorcycle dealership and the risks that you face as a motorcycle trader. That way we can arrange appropriate motorcycle traders’ cover and indemnity limits accordingly. Additionally. we can also ensure you are adequately protected without paying for cover you do not need.

Additional motorcycle traders cover that you may wish to consider includes:

  • Demonstration cover – Allowing a potential buyer to test drive the motorcycle before purchase. For traders, this is usually important as very few people will buy a motorcycle without driving it first.
  • Test Drive cover – allowing you to drive a motorcycle you may be looking to purchase.
  • Vehicles in transit – covering motorcycles being transported on or in your vehicle for transportation, in the event of them being damaged in an accident.
  • Motorcycle cover –Road Risk cover to include motorbikes.
  • Loss of MOT license – for motorcycle traders offering an MOT service, you can buy specialist insurance covering a loss of license (subject to conditions).
  • Business interruption insurance – if you cannot access or work from your motorcycle dealership or motorcycle repair shop (premises) for a period of time due to a fire, flood or other insured event.

Why choose Prosura to arrange your Motorcycle Dealership Insurance?

Through our Motorcycle Trade Insurance we offer peace of mind. So, you can focus on the important things such as running your business and enjoying the occasional motorcycle ride!

As an experienced team, we know your industry and can provide friction-free access to expert advice and high quality insurers. As your business develops, we are always on hand with professional advice.

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