Kaye Newton joins Prosura, the business and lifestyle insurance broker, as Commercial Account Executive.

Kaye started to work in insurance at the age of 17. She has been fact-finding customer needs to offer suitable insurance products ever since.

“I thrive on getting to know what our customers need. In understanding the facts I can deliver the best service that’s more than just cover. It’s important that we provide support and the best advice,” she comments.

Highly motivated, Kaye is driven by securing risks for her customers. She simply hates failure believing that you should never be afraid to ask a question.

She adds: “What we know now, we didn’t at some point. So, questioning these things will always help us to learn and grow.”

Kaye is loving being part of a new business and an experienced team. She is looking forward to seeing and supporting the growth of Prosura, knowing that she has been part of it from the start.

Prosura is a business and lifestyle insurance broker that simplifies the complexities of insurance.

More than just a supplier, the experienced Prosura team combine the highest levels of customer service and advice with finding the right, cost effective policy to protect your most valuable assets.

Operating throughout the UK, Prosura supports businesses of all sizes and sectors including manufacturing, distribution, property, and leisure and hospitality.

Tailoring its offering to meet both business and personal needs, Prosura provides further value for its customers which includes its free ‘lawyer in a box’, a digital legal service for commercial customers.