‘Family’ Joins Prosura’s Lawyer in a box. 

Prosura is bringing family law-related documents into its Prosura Digital Lawyer.

The Prosura Digital Lawyer, an online service where smart technology and real lawyers prepare essential legal documents, now includes family law-related documentation for the very first time.

The news comes just a few weeks after this ‘lawyer in a box’ service for its commercial customers, had been shortlisted in the Broker Innovation Awards within The Broker Innovation Award category.

Jon Newall, CEO of Prosura has worked in partnership with Epoq Legal to design the original tool for the broker market, comments: “The Prosura Digital Lawyer adds value to existing commercial customers. The aim was to enhance the customer and broker relationship while saving them time and money.

“We initially designed it to help businesses comply with regulation and to protect against disputes and liability claims. Hundreds of documents are included, from partnership and consultancy agreements to employment documentation. It also provides access to online legal guides to help policyholders understand their obligations and rights.

“But, we wanted to deliver more. So, we have made the Prosura Digital Lawyer available to our private clients and extended the tool to include family law-related documents. Wills, power of attorney and even letters to challenge parking fines can now be created and tailored to individual needs.”

Legal documentation through the Prosura Digital Lawyer are not templated. It is responsive and constantly reviewed. Legal documents generate following answers to a series of questions, this allows a more bespoke outcome. For extra peace of mind, lawyers can also check the documents.

Furthermore, the Prosura Digital Lawyer also includes a vaulted area where all the clients’ policy documents, as well as their legal documents, sit. This means that they are safe, secure and accessible at the touch of a button.

Jon adds:

Yes we want to be competitive and to stand out from other brokers, but we genuinely want to add value to our customers. Having the Prosura Digital Lawyer shortlisted within our industry awards is an amazing achievement, but hearing about how this tool has helped our customers is seriously great too.”

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About Prosura

Prosura is a business and lifestyle insurance broker that simplifies the complexities of insurance.

Prosura is more than just an insurance broker. Firstly, they are an experienced team. Secondly, they combine the highest levels of customer service and advice with finding the right, cost effective policy. Ultimately, they protect your most valuable assets.

Operating locally and throughout the UK, Prosura supports businesses of all sizes and sectors including manufacturing, distribution, property, and leisure and hospitality.

Most importantly Prosura tailors its offering to meet both business and personal needs. In addition, to provide further value for its customers, Prosura also includes its free ‘lawyer in a box’, a digital legal service for customers.

The Prosura team is based in Wakefield.

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