We are often asked why Wakefield, when choosing a location for our business.

The truth is that we love doing business locally. We enjoy collaborating with Wakefield based organisations and our team is well-known too.

In fact, our founder was born and bred in the Wakefield district. His family has also made the area home for their businesses for over 70 years.

This is one of the reasons why we have become members of We Are Wakefield.

We Are Wakefield is a “a not-for-profit organisation run for the benefit of its members.  Its revenue is from membership subscriptions. This enables the group to provide business support through events, information, valuable connections and guidance to assist growth and stability.”

As a business we believe in partnerships and collaboration, and are looking forward to making more connections with companies that attend the great events that We Are Wakefield have planned.

Take a look at We Are Wakefield, it may be just what your business is looking for too.